About souqmoon

About Souq Moon

Souqmoon is one of the leading platforms for promotion - classified ads - and one of the comprehensive directories that include various activities and companies of different levels - large - medium - small - newly established - in addition to providing various services that you may need in social communication with customers, for example:

Chat with followers.
Save chats between you and your customers.
Like and comment.
Upload stories daily.
give opinion.

Are these services only?

Of course not, Moon Market is not only that, but it also offers a unique service, which is the possibility of creating an online store for your business and linking it to different payment methods to practice buying and selling operations in complete comfort with your customers online without any direct friction.

Moon Market also provided an opportunity to know all the people associated with your site - follow-up visitors - new customers - through your account control panel, in addition to the possibility of booking free marketing consultations with one of the marketing officials from the team following you, in addition to suggesting ideas and solutions to increase your customers and grow your profits.


What are the best ways to advertise?

Buy and sell everything from used cars to cell phones and computers, or find real estate, jobs and more in the world with the Souq Moon.

What are the most important advertising methods in Souq Moon?

If you are wondering about the most important methods of advertising in Moon Market in order to choose the method that suits your business, do not worry, I will explain it to you in detail, so that you can buy and sell everything from used cars, mobile phones, computers, search for real estate, jobs, and all that and more Via Moon Market.

Advertising through videos and photos

All Souq Moon users who have an account for their business activity on the platform, can advertise their products and services by publishing videos or distinctive images that explain the features, specifications, how to use, how the user will benefit from this service or product.

Ads in the online store

The souq moon platform provided the ability to create an online store to display all the services and products that merchants wish to promote, and it was a point of strength for all merchants; Where they can advertise the product starting with its image, specifications, price and how to use it, in addition to the defects and advantages related to the product.

Advertising by adding stories

Communicating with the target audience through social media platforms through stories has become a very popular thing for them, so souq moon also introduced this feature through the platform, so that its users can communicate with the audience faster, through video videos and live broadcasts through stories and polls.

Pinned ads

When you register in souq moon and subscribe to any of Moon Market paid plans, you will get a monthly number of ads that you can install within the section of your business registered on the platform, and this improves your visibility within the platform and the application and brings you more customers and followers; Which helps you grow your profits.

Talk to clients

When you make a sale to one of your followers through the platform, they turn into actual customers with your account, which helps you to communicate with them again to display more products and suggest various offers that they can benefit from when purchasing.





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